Key Persons was founded in August 2020 by a group of experienced managers and engineers who were key figures in construction of the Nord Stream 2 Project.

Uniqueness of the Nord Stream 2 Project has demanded that our team has designed extraordinary engineering and organizational solutions that are unparalleled in the industry.

Knowledge and competence acquired in the course of implementation of this project are truly unique and give us the right and confidence to undertake projects of highest complexity

Our team consists of inter-disciplinary specialists capable of solving systemic and complex tasks

For many years prior to the Nord Stream 2 project members of the Key Persons team worked on various projects in the European Union, India, Russia and other CIS countries

Our main activity is management of large international industrial projects

We serve as intellectual, engineering, human and professional interface between large European companies and projects in specific locations


  • Experts in Industrial Construction
  • Specialists in Management of Large International Projects
  • Professional of All-inclusive Engineering


Implementation of complex “turnkey” projects from tender to commissioning

  1. Coordination of Contractors’ Work
  2. Design of Technical Solutions
  3. Installation and Commissioning
  4. Arranging Systems and Structures for Project Execution