Our company

Key Persons was founded in August 2020 by a group of experienced managers and engineers who were key figures in construction of the Nord Stream 2 Project.

Uniqueness of the Nord Stream 2 Project has demanded that our team has designed extraordinary engineering and organizational solutions that are unparalleled in the industry

Knowledge and competence acquired in the course of implementation of this project are truly unique and give us the right and confidence to undertake projects of highest complexity…


Market Segments
Oil & Gas
Industrial Objects
Electric Power
Communications & Networks
Our services
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Recruitment of Personnel and Specialists
  • IT and Automation
  • Delivery Research, Survey and Inspection
  • Procurement and Equipment
  • Permits and Certification
Our projects
PS Ersai
WPS Astana-Expo 2017
Nord Stream
(Russia - Germany)
Nord Stream 2
(Russia - Germany)
Yulia Dyakova
Administrative Manager

Yulia is a professional coordinator of the internal workflow of the company and a specialist in administrative matters of any complexity.

Sergey Subbota
Technical Director

Sergey is the principal technical expert who makes and implements project decisions including full customer support.

Dmitriy Dubik
Project Manager

Dmitriy oversees all technical aspects of projects from admission process to presentation of work performed.

Irina Agabekyan
Finance Director

Irina specializes in analyzing and forecasting of financial state of the business, in overseeing financial and accounting reports, analysis and evaluation of financial risks, and she also develops budgetary and financial plans.

Sergey Garmash
General Director

Sergey leads implementation of large international projects where he is responsible for all organizational, technical, financial, and managerial activity.

Nikita Sizonenko
Project Manager

Nikita is an expert in automation and release of executive and reporting documentation as part of relations with subcontractors.

Our Partners
Negotiation Expertise

Our team members are highly skilled at conducting complex negotiations and other business communication in the following languages: