Our company

Key Persons was founded in August 2020 by a group of experienced managers and engineers who were key figures in construction of the Nord Stream 2 Project.

Uniqueness of the Nord Stream 2 Project has demanded that our team has designed extraordinary engineering and organizational solutions that are unparalleled in the industry

Knowledge and competence acquired in the course of implementation of this project are truly unique and give us the right and confidence to undertake projects of highest complexity…


Market Segments
Oil & Gas
Industrial Objects
Electric Power
Communications & Networks
Our services
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Design
  • Construction
  • Consulting
  • Recruitment of Personnel and Specialists
  • IT and Automation
  • Delivery Research, Survey and Inspection
  • Procurement and Equipment
  • Permits and Certification
Our projects
Substation Ersai 110/10 kV
Solar park Saran 100 MW
Wind park Astana-Expo 2017
Nord Stream 2
(Russia - Germany)
Our team

In the recent years the members of the Key Persons team have been actively involved in a few large-scale international projects in the Russian Federation, the European Union, and several CIS countries, including such especially complex projects as the Nord Stream 2 project. Our team specializes in engineering design, project design of power facilities, supply, commissioning, and operation of electrical equipment, as well as electric installation works.

The Key Persons team includes project, construction, and technical managers, as well as specialists in general management, finance, and administration.

The team’s competences include but are not limited to:

  1. Technical expert’s functions, implementation of technical solutions and customer support in technical issues
  2. Construction site management and construction supervision
  3. Electrical installation and commissioning, commissioning of facilities and preparation of as-built documentation
  4. Design, supply, installation, and commissioning of automation systems
  5. Supervision of projects and presentation of completed works
  6. Implementation of large-scale international projects, organizational, technical, financial, and managerial activities

Key Persons employees have extensive experience working in various countries, on numerous large-scale international projects, and in largest multinational companies. Our people also speak several languages and have unique expertise in several scientific and industrial fields.

Our Partners
Negotiation Expertise

Our team members are highly skilled at conducting complex negotiations and other business communication in the following languages: